The project entitled ‚Presentation of castle and museum trail, cultural – historical attractions of the Baltic Sea region’
Lead Partner: the Association of Communes ‚Polish Gothic Castles’


Participants of the project: the History Museum of Lithuania Minor in Klaipeda and the Museum of the History of Bagrationovsk

The aim of the project is to create a trail, which will connect castles and museums located in the transborder area of three countries (Poland, Russia – the Kaliningrad Oblast, and Lithuania). By creating a network of cooperation between the three partners, the project intends to promote the cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea area, as an attractive tourist destination owing to its universal historical and cultural values.
The material evidence of such values consists of the rich collections of the local museums; it is also reflected by the scientific and didactic activities as well as cultural and tourist-oriented programmes conducted at the castles and museums included in the trail. This shows that it is worth finding more about those castles and museums, both by the inhabitants of the eleven administrative communes of the Association, where the Gothic castles are situated, and by tourists visiting those communes and all other people interested in the history of this region.
For the purpose of extending the knowledge about the trail, the project intends to publish maps and brochures and to show them on the tourist industry market. In addition, we plan to start a multi-lingual Internet site showing the trail of the castles and museums.
Increasing the number of visitors at the above objects will be one of the principal objectives of the project.

The project is co-financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund, under the framework of the Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation Neighbourhood Programme INTERREG IIIA.

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