Aug 21, 2020

The Teutonic Knights started building the fortified castle of Bytów in the years of 1398-1405. They chose the selected location of the castle hill towering above the city with excellent natural conditions of defenses. It was built in a rectangular shape, measuring 70m x 50m. Closing rectangular courtyard with stone-brick walls on the foundations of nearly 3 meters thick in the corners of tower, and the three protruding towers. Approach to the castle from the east side defended the system of moats, ward and drawbridge. Modern for its time, the castle served several functions including the role of guardians of the border, the administration office and for the Teutonic knights inn from Western, travelling to the capital of the Teutonic Order in Malbork. During the thirteenth years of War, the castle of Bytów was taken over by the Polish King, Kazimierz Jagiellończyk. Who gave the land of Bytów for ever to the duke of Pomorze (a region in the north-west part of Poland), Gryfit Eryk II. During that age the castle was served as the duke’s summer residence. Over the centuries, the castle served multiple functions. Upon completion of the renovations in the east wing, there was established a library. In 1980 was completed south wing, and there was located the hotel and restaurant. The buildings of the north wing became a seat for the Museum of West Kaszuby (a region in the north-west part of Poland). Nowadays, Brotherhood of the Knights organize knight’s tournaments in the castle which are a big attraction for tourists staying in this exceptionally beautiful place. The tourists will find in Bytów clean environment and climate of cordiality. The land of Bytów highly characterizes varied terrain. Forests in the region are as a magnet for lovers of hikes and bicycle trips and as well as for the hunters and gatherers of undergrowth. Well-developed hydrographic network creates perfect conditions for the development on the lakes, and canoeing. Nature reserves and marked hiking trails increase the tourist attraction for the land of Bytów. Especially recommended routes are: Bike Trail Miastko-Bytów-Lębork-Łeba; canoeing trail of Słupia river; walking trail from the Rekowo to Kłęczono and the two marked hiking trails: blue and yellow.