The association of communes “Polish gothic castles”
Pieniężnego 10
10-006 Olsztyn
Tel. (landline) +48 89 535 32 76
Tel. (mobile) +48 535 887 090

  • REGON: 510606736
  • TAX ID (NIP): 7392774058
  • KRS: 0000048783



  • cooperation between the municipalities in which the Gothic castles are located in the promotion of these medieval monuments;
  • the development of a tourist route covering the above facilities;
  • the construction of a team of Gothic castles and other polish buildings as high-end tourist attractions;
  • collection and sharing of tourist information about municipalities- members of the Association;
  • cooperation with national and foreign tourist offices and tourist information agencies;
  • stimulating and exploiting local initiatives in the field of tourism and its areas of life;
  • increase in tourist traffic in member municipalities