Artistic Pottery Jarosław Arkuszyński

The first records of the Arkuszyński family come from the 13th century. At that time, the family lived in the village of Arkuszewo near Gniezno, where the Arkuszyński family was already engaged in pottery according to family tradition. The family history says that with time some of the family moved to Dąbrowa nad Czarna, in the Opoczno county(Łódź Voivodeship), and ran their own pottery workshop there. The last ancestor of the family living in Dąbrowa nad Czarna and dealing with pottery was the owner’s great-grandfather. His grandparents and parents were already connected with northern Poland and Człuchów, near which their studio was located. The current pottery workshop creates clay vessels using traditional methods. For many years, we have been presenting the art of pottery at various events in the country and abroad, during which participants also have the opportunity to make a vessel on a wheel by themselves.


Sokole 18n, 77-323 Polnica / Gmina: Człuchów


Artistic Pottery
Jarosław Arkuszyński