Blacksmithing-Armoursmithing Grybol Jakub Grybek

I have been running the workshop since 1998. We have made many elements for the needs of historical groups and for individual orders. We work with traditional and modern techniques, based on our own or entrusted projects. For the needs of the historical movement, we make various elements of interior design, as well as elements of armaments, armor, and kitchen equipment. Many of our works can be seen at the castle in Gniew. We actively participated in the revitalization of the Gniew castle, making numerous fittings, lamps, candelabra, etc. We also cooperate with the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk, on behalf of which we make architectural elements and replicas of finds. I am a member of SPAK  (Association of Polish Blacksmiths).


Nicponia 71 / Gniew


Jakub Grybek Grybol