Educational farm at the Szyszka potter

The profession of potter, performed by Jan Szyszka, mentioned the act from 1665. Thus, the mentioned Jan, the master of the potters’ guild, is the first legal trace of the existence of the potter’s guild in the Szyszek family (in March 1612). Today, brothers Tomasz and Krzysztof Szyszka continue this profession and thus nurture it. An educational farm is a good form of acquiring and expanding knowledge not only for children, adolescents and adults, it is also an access to innovative activities for teachers and guardians. Horse breeding and pottery are the main activities that it has been involved in for many years. A profession that was once one of the most important is now a true artistry. The farm offers a demonstration of rolling on a traditional potter’s wheel to all interested parties.


Sokole 19, 77-323 Polnica / Gmina: Człuchów


Educational farm
at the Szyszka potter