Historical performance “Fight for borders. Działdowo 1920-1939 “

Historical performance “Fight for borders. Działdowo 1920-1939 ”shows the complicated matter of the process of restoring independence by Poland, through the prism of the history of two brothers – Karol and Henryk, the Mazurians from Działdowo. The main goal of the event is to provide viewers with knowledge about the events related to the reconstruction of Polish statehood, the bloody struggle for its borders, difficult choices of the Masurian population and their consequences. The program of the event includes, among others presentation of live history lessons at reconstruction sites (dioramas); weapons and drill demonstrations; horse shows performed by associations and reconstruction groups; historical performance “Fight for borders. Działdowo 1920-1939”. acts I. and II.


Działdowo / Commune: Działdowo


September / Fall


Borderland Museum in Działdowo