Knightly tournaments at the castle in Nidzica

The castle in Nidzica is a place of knights’ skirmishes organized by the local brotherhood of knights. These are the “Summer Knight Tournament in Nidzica” and “Winter Cruise to the Castle in Nidzica and Grunwald Field” with the participation of Polish and foreign reenactors, who clash in one-on-one combat competitions, group fights and archery tournaments. An additional attraction are also games and entertainment for the public, falconry shows, and early music concerts. In recent editions of the events, five vs five group fighting competitions have been organized at the international level. Teams from Russia, England, Ukraine and Poland competed for points to be classified in the tournament. The tournament culminates in an evening staging featuring knights, the clash of weapons, flaming structures and artillery shots.




July, February
Summer, Winter


Nidzica Cultural Center (castle), Historical and Cultural Association “Brotherhood of the Knights of the Nidzica Preceptory”