Medieval Culture Lovers Club

The Medieval Culture Lovers Club was founded in 1994 and is a kind of knightly brotherhood. Together with the Prussian Union, associating this type of brotherhoods of Northern Poland, in 2004 it celebrated his 10th anniversary at the castle in Nowe. The club organizes Knight Meetings in Nowe, and takes part in numerous tournaments and other events of this type, including several times staged in Grunwald and Malbork. On May 1, 2010, the first knight was appointed. For children and teenagers, the club offers an educational trip called “A walk through the history of Nowe”. An additional attraction, on request, can be workshops, such as weaving bracelets on a knitting circle or a telescope, minting coins, fighting with “swords”, trying on armor, shooting a bow.


Nowe / Commune: Nowe


Medieval Culture Lovers
Club operating at the Zamek
in Nowe Cultural Center