Pottery Village

We invite you to the Pottery Village to learn about Masurian traditions. This Masurian theme village is a great place for rest, education and fun. The offer includes a guided walk, craft workshops, a film screening and a presentation on Masurian traditions. The sightseeing route includes: a pottery with a show of rolling on a potter’s wheel, a herbal plant, a smithy, a Masurian barn with an exhibition of agricultural and household appliances, a museum of rocks, fossils and minerals, “Treasures of the Earth”. After the tour, we invite you to interesting activities: pottery workshops, glass painting, and the production of handmade paper and wax candles. In the Garden of Eden, in 30 thematic areas, there are several thousand different plants. In the garden, field games are organized during which treasures are sought. The “Ptasie Radio” inn invites you to try traditional Masurian dishes.


Kamionka 5 / Nidzica


Nidzica Foundation
for the Development
of NIDA “Pottery Village”