A walk with the ghosts of the Teutonic Knights

A walk with the ‘ghosts’ of the Teutonic Knights is an evening sightseeing of Lębork accompanied by ‘ghost knights’, the aim of which is to discover the secrets of the city and its every nook and cranny. The Teutonic Ghosts tell about the medieval city, its former appearance and functioning, as well as unsolved mysteries. During the walk, participants will learn about the history of Lębork during the construction of city fortifications, the Polish-Teutonic War (1409–1411) and the Thirteen Years’ War (1454–1466). While wandering around the city walls, a guard appears on the city walls, guarding the city and the ‘ghost’ of the chronicler writing down its history for posterity.




July / Summer


Lębork Historical
Brotherhood Association