The camp of the Great Army in Ostróda

Ostróda invites you to a historical event the background of which is the war of the Fourth Anti-French Coalition of 1806–1807. It was then, during the war, a small Masurian town occupied by the French army became the “capital of Europe” with the arrival of the French Emperor himself – Napoleon Bonaparte, who appointed the Ostróda castle as his headquarters and headquarters of the entire Grand Army. Napoleon Bonaparte was quartered at the castle from February 21 to April 1, 1807, and his stay left a number of memorabilia, including Napoleon’s letter written in Ostróda, medal “Napoleon a Osterode”, reproduction of the painting entitled “Napoleon provides grace to the inhabitants of Ostróda. March 1807 “. The program of the event includes a number of attractions, such as lectures, workshops, games, presentations and historical shows, and above all, the staging of the battle between the Great Army and the combined Prussian-Russian forces.




August / Summer


Town Hall in Ostróda,
Museum in Ostróda,
Cultural Center in Ostróda