The land of 7 peculiarities

We invite organized groups to the Masurian thematic village called Land of 7 peculiarities. All guests are greeted by the Wodnik Omulek with whom you will get to know the Old Mazurian Trail, i.e. the path of old professions – forester, farmer and fisherman. People who know these professions perfectly from their own experience will talk about their work. On the trail you will also visit the Eco-museum of agricultural tools. You will take part in games and activities called “In the great-grandfather’s yard”. Then we suggest a walk along the picturesque paths of the Magic Forest. Along the way, we will turn to the historical trail of amber expeditions, and then discover the secrets of the First World War. We are convinced that one of you will discover the legendary “General Samsonov’s Treasure”. We end the meeting with a meal in the Forest Kitchen.


Jabłonka / Nidzica


Society for the Development
of Omulewo Area “Together for all”