Vivat Vasa The Battle of the Two Vasa 1626

The second event, which is gaining more and more importance in Gniew, is the historical festival Vivat Vasa The Battle of Two Vasa 1626. As early as in 2002, reconstructive groups, experienced in organizing the staging of the Battle of Grunwald, began to organize this event, which gave rise to the development of the 17th-century historical reenactment in Poland . Today, this event is one of the most recognizable and attractive in the recreational environment. It is attended by several hundred reenactors and several dozen horse participants. In 2007, the event was certified as the best tourist product by the Polish Tourist Organization, becoming the largest Polish staging recreating the 17th-century military, with reenactors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Italy and the USA.


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Hussar banner of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship