“The Trail of Gothic Castles” surprises again!

Dec 30, 2020

Mobile guide about the Trail of Gothic Castles is one of the most dynamically developing tourist applications in Poland. It is ideal for people interested in history, for these who want to learn and discover unknown and interesting facts connected with important centres of the medieval Europe.

The main goal of the guide “The Trail of Gothic Castles” is to promote the cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea region (northern Poland, Kaliningrad Oblast in Russia) as attractive because of its universal historical and cultural values.

The previous version of the application had two new language versions: English and German. It was adopted to iOS and the possibility to listen to the descriptions was added. New places and routes running across the Pomeranian Voivodeship appeared. They were thematically related to the hydraulic engineering monuments and lighthouses.

The newest version of the guide includes other unique routes and quests in the Kaliningrad region: in the footsteps of Immanuel Kant, amber, fortifications and First World War routes. The Amber Trail runs across the Russian territory. It runs farther in Poland. An additional feature in the guide is a trip to the most interesting places in Kaliningrad – one of the most mysterious and unusual cities in the Eastern Europe.

The current version of the application enables the visually impaired people to use its resources. With the help of an assistant, the visually impaired person can navigate through his or her voice – simply speaking to the application, which part of it he or she wants to use at the moment and, for example, which castle or tourist route to hear about. The option of audio description of the photographs attached to places is added in this version. Thus the functionality of descriptions reading is extended.

The new version of the application was developed as a part of the project ‘Tourism beyond the boundaries – tourism trails of the cross-border regions of Russia and North-East Poland’ and is co-financed by the European Union under the programme of Cross-Border Cooperation Poland -Russia 2014-2020.

You can download the application using the below QR code, using the link https://mobilne.wm.pl/zamki-gotyckie or by entering „Szlaki zamków gotyckich” in the search engine of the Play or AppStore mobile market.