Lidzbark Warmiński

Aug 21, 2020

Lidzbark Warmiński is located at the estuary of the river of Symsarna towards the river of Łyna, Just about 48 km from the provinicial city of Olsztyn, and about 30 km from the northern state border. The Valley in which lies the town, is surrounded by picturesque, moraine hills, with rich flora and fauna, a little turned and unpolluted environment is a mainstay of wild game and birds. Landscapes that you can admire the scenery strikingly is similar to reminiscent of mountains trails. In the valley of the river of Symsarna is located a park, in which area along the river – leads 2.5 km tourists trail. Lidzbark Warmiński by almost 400 years was the historical capital of Warmia. Thanks to its location and the numerous of monuments is often referred to as the – Pearl of Warmia “Perła Warmii” or – Venice of the North “Wenecja Północy”. In the Castel ward form located on the south, surrounded by the walls and a moat, picturesquely situated at the estuary of the river of Łyna to the river of Symsarna. The castle was the historic residence of the bishops of Warmia called (Heilsberg), a center of secular and ecclesiastical authority in the diocese of Warmia. The castle was built between 1350-1401 during the reign of three successive bishops – John of Meissen, John Striprock and Henry III Sorbom, rebuilt after the fire in 1497. The castle was built on a square plan with the main entrance from the south. The four wings of a quadrangular building surrounds an internal courtyard with arcaded galleries bunk – a world- class architectural gem! The basement houses a castle kitchen, bakery, brewery, larder and guardhouse. The first storey of the castle was served as representative, in which was also a suite of the bishop. The interiors have been preserved wall paintings created, at the end of fourteenth century. After the second half of eighteenth century, the oldest wall paintings from around 1380 century, shows the Coronation of the Virgin Mary. Partially preserved in the earliest known account of the bishops of Warmia of allegorical representation of the first of these – Anselm. The interesting of its, is an interesting armorial of Warmian bishops, painted in the seventeenth century with the command of Bishop Stephen Wydżga, continued today. Attention drives to the particularly charming castle chapel, dedicated Catherine of Alexandria, which features early Rococo style endowed by the Bishop Adam Stanisław Grabowski in the mid-eighteenth century. The tourist attraction is a punishment cell and a well of oblivion located in the north – east tower. The castle is associated with prominent figures of the era. During the years of 1495 – 1496 and from 1503 – 1510, Nicolaus Copernicus resided here as a court physician at his uncle Luke Watzenrode. Copernicus wrote an outline of his work at the Lidzbark castle “Komentarzyk o hipotezach ruchów niebieskich” (Commentary about the heavenly movements hypotheses). Over here he also performed translation from Greek into Latin, works written by the Theophylactus Simocattes “Listów obyczajowych, sielskich i miłosnych” – (Moral letters, pastoral and love). There is also linked form Stanislaus Hosius to the castle – a great theologian, trusted Pope Pius IV (Giov. Angelo de Medici). The last residence of Bishop at Lidzbark, was the poet, Ignatius Krasicki, who left Heilsberg in 1794. Nationwide contest in the memory of the Prince of Poets – the oldest cabaret is being held for thirty years – Evenings of Lidzbark Humour and Satire, which takes place at the castle amphitheater. Since 1961, the castle is the seat of the Museum of Warmia. There are exposed the most valuable collections of ancient art from the area of Warmia, Teutonic state at the castle and the outstanding works of the twentieth century Polish paintings. You can see the Gothic art, religious painting (XVII century), the images of bishops of Warmia and objects associated with their patronage, including arts and crafts – goldsmith and textiles, furniture, a collection of portraits of the ancestors of Ignatius Krasicki, collection of paintings and Polish painters such as Julian Falat, Jan Stanisławski, Jacek Malczewski, Józef Mehoffer, Leon Wyczółkowski etc. Within the city are also: High Gate and walls forming an urban remnant of the fortifications, a summer pavilion called the conservatory, located in the former bishop’s garden (in the early twentieth century in its place was established municipal cemetery), parish church St. Peter, St. Paul and Michael Archangel, the protestant church (currently the Orthodox church, St. Peter and St. Paul), St. Cross church in Pilnik and numerous of historic buildings and shrines.

Since 2011, outbuildings of the castle operates an exclusive four-star Hotel Krasicki, satisfying the most demanding guests.

Tourist Information Centre, ul. Krasickiego 1, tel. 89 519 00 52, e-mail:
Tourist Information (seasonal point, open from 1 May to 31 August), pl. Wysokiej Bramy 2, tel. 89 767 41 48,

Warmia Museum, Warmia and Masuria Museum Branch, based in the castle, Plac Zamkowy 1, tel. 89 767 21 11,
Open daily except Mondays: high season from 9.00 to 17.00, Tuesdays from 11.00 to 19.00; after the season from 9.00 to 16.00

“Outstanding inhabitants of Lidzbark Castle”, “Medieval Art of Warmia and Teutonic Prussia”, “Religious painting of the 17th – 19th centuries in the collections of the Warmia and Masuria Museum”, “Colored metals”. Sacral and secular utensylia from the end of the 14th to the beginning of the 20th century from the collections of convulsiveness, genocide, brass and boiler industry”, “Polish painting from the first half of the 20th century”, “Pastels. Polish painting from the first half of the 20th century.”

Lidzbarski Dom Kultury, ul. Słowackiego 4, tel. 89 767 26 88, e-mail:
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Sweet Coffee, ul. Powstańców Warszawy 10/3
Ice cream parlour Dolce Vita, ul. Mickiewicza 10, open in summer season

Events – Battle of Heilsberg, Festival of Farmer’s and Traditional Cheeses “Time for Cheese”, Festival of Rap and Graffiti, Lidzbark Jazz Evenings, Lidzbark Music Meetings, Festival of Hunting Culture, Energa Varmia Musica, Northern Polish Championships in Jumping over Obstacles, Days of Lidzbark Warmiński, Provincial Review of Fire Wind Orchestras, Duck Festival, Lidzbark Evenings of Humor and Satire, Regional Final of the Competition Taste of Warmia, Mazury and Powiśle, Cittaslow Sunday Motocross Championship


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