International Festival of Former Culture “Common Cultural Heritage”

The International Festival of Former Culture “Common Cultural Heritage” is an event in which Malbork becomes the capital of music played and sung many centuries ago. The audience has the opportunity to listen to faithful replicas of instruments from the past, learn about old songs, dances and costumes, and see various theater forms. At that time, the anniversary of one of the most important events in the history of Malbork is celebrated, thanks to which the city was taken away from the Teutonic Knights and for 315 years it was taken over by Poland. It was on June 8, 1457. On that day, King Kazimierz JagielloŇĄczyk and his entourage entered Malbork. It happened after the castle was purchased from the Czech mercenary troops, to which the Order pledged the fortress due to the lack of funds to pay for the pay. It cost him 190,000 Czech florins, or about 650 kg of gold. And it was money well spent!




June / Summer


Malbork Center of Culture
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