Association of Communes ‘Polish Gothic Castles’, together with its partners from the Visegrad Countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary will be working on the  joint action in the area: regional development, environment and t ourism, striving for sustainable tourism development on the local and regional levels by combining international expertise and shared know-how.

The project ‘Explore hidden treasures of tourist and travel pearls’ is made possible thanks to Visegrad Fund.

Tourist offers in the area of the Partners’ activities, despite possessing cultural, natural, tourist values are little known among the inhabitants of the V4 countries. The reason for this is that the Partners concentrate their activities on their own area as well as the cross-border area.

The project supports the use of modern information and communication technologies in promotional activities for tourism products of Partner countries and regions, as well as in building a network of cooperation between Partners and representatives of local communities. The use of modern technologies supports the principles of sustainable development in tourism, the guiding principle of which is to maintain a balance between the interests of people and the environment. Project activities support small group, thematic and active tourism, focused on exploring places instead of intensive travel, stays in small hotels and agritourism farms. The project meets the expectations of modern tourists looking for places to rest in a natural environment with a high level of sanitation, in their own country or abroad – in the country of their closest neighbour, with a guarantee of a quick return home in case of an emergency. The project activities, bearing in mind the growing demand for tourism services after the period of isolation, provide environmentally friendly offers and sustainable economic development of the areas of activities of the Partners.

Project’s activities:

  • an interactive map entitled ‘Recreation on the V4 Routes’ which  will include business cards of places and attractions with offers concern: stays in historical buildings, active tourism, rural tourism and agritourism, thematic villages;
  • an interactive map entitled  ‘History on the V4 Routes’ which  will include business cards of people, associations of people and places with offers of: historical reenactors, representatives of ancient professions, local brand culinary and handicraft products and historical events and reconstructions e.g. battle re-enactments, medieval fairs;
  • visit of Czech tourist bloggers in Poland;
  • visit of Hungarian tourist bloggers in Slovakia and Poland;
  • visit of Polish tourist bloggers in Slovakia and Hungary;
  • visit of Polish tourist bloggers in the Czech Republic;
  • visit of Polish tourist bloggers in Slovakia;
  • visit of Slovak tourist bloggers in Poland.

The main topic of the visits will be castles and the greatest tourist attractions of these countries.
Please check out our project page and follow us for more news on the progress of project activities.


Total value of the project: 26 900,00 EUR
Project duration: August 2022 – January 2024

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

Visegrad Fund: