The Castle of Wrath is the most powerful fortress of the Teutonic Order on the left bank of the Vistula River, built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries as the seat of the convention and the chamber. In religious times, the castle was the main political and economic center of the chamber. The strategic location, allowing for the control of the water and land route, marked the unique military features of the convention house and the fortification system of the city and the castle. The economic function of this space was reflected in the town, port, castle and suburbs located in the area – granary, stables, farms and breweries. During the time of the Polish State (1466–1772), the castle was the seat of the elders. The Anger Old Town belonged to Radziwiłów, Zamojski and Lubomirski. Since 1667 The elder of Gniewski was the future King of Poland, Jan III Sobieski, and after him the castle was managed by his wife, Maria Kazimiera.

As a result of the first partition of Poland in 1772. Gniew along with Gdańsk Pomerania was within the borders of the Prussian state. The Prussian government has begun a large-scale demolition or, at best, a major reconstruction of most of the former Teutonic castles. This fate was also shared by the Gniew Castle. Intended first for barracks, but not completely adapted to this function, he found at the beginning of the XIX century. new use as a granary. Another reconstruction of the castle took place in the 1950s. At that time, he was adapted into a heavy Prussian prison for repeat offenders. In 1921, in unexplained circumstances, a great fire broke out in the castle, which completely digested its three wings. Reconstruction took place in two stages. The first, from 1968 to 1974 and the second, from 1992, lasting to this day.

Since 2010, the Castle Hill in Wrath has been in private hands. Within the walls of the fortress are located m.in.: The European Historical Park Foundation in Gniew Castle, the Branch of the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk, the Choir “Schola Cantorum Genevensis”, the Yellow Infantry Regiment of Gustav II Adolf or the Husarska Banner of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Castle Hill is today a modern hotel, restaurant and conference complex, offering its guests royal accommodation, excellent cuisine and an unusual business space.

Castle Hill in Wrath is in fact an extraordinary Park of History. It is co-created not only by the material legacy of medieval and modern architecture, but also by a valuable heritage of culture, tradition, history and patriotism, revived by outstanding reconstructors and animators. Organized at the property since 1992 historical performances and stagings have made gniewski castle considered one of the main centres of dissemination of historical play in Poland. The property offers group historical activities, performances and performances, historical setting of feasts, supper and dinner. One of the more spectacular points of sightseeing is the three-dimensional spectacle Holiday with Ghosts, which takes the viewer to the de-existent world of ghosts, headless knights and pounding walls.

A separate offer of the castle also addresses children and young people, who invite you to actively participate in lessons in living history. During them, in an interesting and attractive way, the history of the army, customs, medieval and modern culture of Poland and Europe are presented. The youngest participate in outdoor horse shows, fencing school, knight’s games, practical historical activities. You can master the crossbow and archery shooting range, the press of Master Gutenberg, the weaving workshop or the castle mint. Children can also spend their time in the specially prepared playroom and in the castle playgrounds.

Interesting attractions are also the city horse-drawn carriage rides or rafting with castle gondolas. It is also worth visiting the castle and the city in the company of experienced guides who will tell the angry story in a unique way.


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Restaurant in the Knight’s Hotel of Gniew Castle, ul. 3, www.zamek-gniew.pl
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Restaurant On the hill, ul. Krasickiego 10, tel. 58 535 24 45, www.hotel-nawzgorzu.pl
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Competitor Bar, Pieniążkowo (parking by the lake), tel. 731 692 191
Pizzeria, Cafe, Pub CK, Gniew, ul. January 27, 2a, tel. 58 535 25 74, 796 633 885, www.smakick.com.pl
Bar Hell’s Grate, ul. Kopernika 5, tel. 728 947 185
Ali Kebab, Gniew, ul. Piłsudskiego 10, tel. 601 747 239

EVENTS – King John III’s Knight’s Tournament, Vivat Vasa! – Battle of two Vases 1626, Mayo with history, Royal balls

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