The municipality of Nidzica is located in the southern part of the Warmia-Mazury region within three Mesoregion, i.e. the Municipality of Nidzica. Lubawski Hump, Olsztyn Lake District and Masurian Plain. The municipality has a population of 22,600, of which 15,600 are residents of nidzica. Settlement in this area goes back to ancient times, ie. 4000 – 1700 BC This is evidenced by traces and archaeological finds from various periods, including positions of educated spatial form – cemeteries, kurhany, border shafts.

The city of Nidzica, called the “Gate to Warmia and Masuria”, received city rights in 1381 from the grand master Winrych von Kniprode. The Teutonic Mountains, using the swampy areas of the Nida Valley, built a residential and defensive castle on the hill, which still towers over the city today. We invite you to visit the historia.nidzica.pl which is a kind of multimedia database of the county about fortifications and events from our region. There is also a multimedia walk through medieval Neidenburg. The biggest attraction of the municipality of Nidzica is its natural values. Nature here is pure and unspoilt by the progress of civilization. Hilly landscape, sheathing rivers and large forest complexes encourage rest and long walks. The extensive glacial, gutter lakes with a picturesquely developed coastline, clear water and sandy bottom are among the most beautiful in the Masurian Lake District. The surroundings of Lake Omulew, the valley of the Lyna River, the forests of Temade and Koniuszyne are areas with special landscape values. Numerous places, due to their valuable nature, have been protected by a reserve. Here you will find unique habitats of the white-tailed eagle, beavers, as well as numerous species of plants and animals that are relic and have a limited range of occurrence.

There are four reserves in the municipality:

  • Landscape – geomorphological “Sources of the River Lyna im. Prof. Romana Kobendza”- was created to preserve the sources of the river along with the geological phenomenon of spring erosion.
  • The reserve “Lake Orłowo Małe” was the first and for many years the only one in the country, established with a view to protecting the mud turtle.
  • “Koniuszanka I” was created for the protection of inanimate nature, including the unique forms and surose phenomena in this part of Poland, developing in sander sediments.
  • “Koniuszanka II” aims to preserve an extremely picturesque, groundbreaking section of the River Koniuszanka.
    In Nidzica, you can also see:

Church dedicated to St. Wojciech – Catholic, later Evangelical, now again Catholic. Built in the XIV century, in the western line of urban walls. It burned down during the war in 1914, rebuilt in the 1920s, preserving Gothic elements. The church tower is located on the side of the body.
Monastery – located in the south-eastern part of the city fortifications. Initially, it housed a salt granary, later a school for lower church staff, barracks, a city library, a cinema and a regional museum. Destroyed during World War I, rebuilt in the 1920s. It was destroyed again in 1945 and rebuilt in the 1970s. From 1988 to the present day it is the seat of the National Archives.
The Evangelical-Augsburg Church was formerly Catholic, built in the Neo-Gothic style from 1858 to 1860, and the tower was added in 1890.
Town Hall – built in place of the demolished building in 1824. Built in neoclassical style in 1842.
Brewery – was founded in 1868 and originally bore the name “Schlossbrauerei Neidenburg” (Nidzica Castle Brewery). Today it houses the Wine and Drinking Honeys Factory.
Tatar stone – rests near the village of Tatary and is a large overhead boulder with a circumference of 1900 cm, a length of 6.5 m, a width of 4 m and a height of 1.8 m. It is connected with a legend, saying that a bullet stuck in a stone wounded a deadly Tatar chieftain, which was fired from a cannon by one of the inhabitants of Nidzica, a certain Nowak.


ul. Zamkowa 2, tel. 89 625 03 70, e-mail: [email protected], www.nok.nidzica.pl

Sightseeing – (October to April is open From Tuesday to Saturday from 9.00 to 16.00; From May to September it is open daily from 9.00 to 17.00)

Hotel “Ordo” in the Castle, ul. Zamkowa 2, tel. 89 527 84 87, 661 093 462, www.zamek.nidzica.pl, www.facebook.com/restauracjazameknidzica
Hotel “Kamieniczka”, pl. Wolności 4, tel. 89 625 60 50, 600 320 632, www.kamieniczka.com
Wedding House “Igor”, Litwinki 13A, tel. 601 498 435
Inn “Forest”, Waszułki k/Nidzicy, tel. 89 625 36 66, 502 311 662, www.zajazdlesny-waszulki.e-meteor.pl
Forester Nibork, ul. Las Miejski 1, tel. 695 020 236, www.lesniczowka-nibork.pl
Pension “Graven”, pl. Wojciecha z Brudzewa 11, tel. 89 625 53 40, 506 361 249
Nidzica Municipal Stadium im. Ks. Ryszard Gamański, ul. Polna 7, tel. 89 532 58 00, www.mosirnidzica.pl
Private Accommodation “Na Zaciszu” – Wanda Kumelska, ul. Dubieńska 7, tel. 604 073 625, e-mail: [email protected]

For more information visit: www.nok.nidzica.pl, http://historia.nidzica.pl, www.nidzica.pl, www.lotpn.nidzica.pl

Restaurant “Kamieniczka”, Freedom Square 4, tel. 89 625 60 50,501 301 966, www.kamieniczka.com, www.facebook.com/kamieniczka
Restaurant “Ordo” in the Castle, ul. Zamkowa 2, tel. 661 093 462, www.zamek.nidzica.pl , www.facebook.com/restauracjazameknidzica
Restaurant “Under the Castle – Biała”, ul. Słowackiego 7, tel. 89 625 82 86, www.facebook.com/restauracjabiala.nidzica/
Ewik Café, ul. Traugutta 20, tel. 667 373 737, www.facebook.com/ewikcafe/
Pastry shop, Ice Cream Parlour “Olszewscy”, ul. Młynarska 2, www.facebook.com/LodziarniaOlszewscy/
Under the Pigeon Inn , ul. Sienkiewicza 10, tel. 89 625 70 18, 696 555 555, www.karczmy.pl
Pizzeria „Adria”, Plac Wolności 3,tel. 89 625 60 10, www.pizzeria.nidzica24.pl/
Gruby Benek, ul. Kościuszki 2, tel. 625 25 26, 511 015 810, www.grubybenek.pl/nidzica
Chilli Kebab Grill, ul. Warszawska 3, tel. 579 920 615
Grill House Pyramid, ul. Słowackiego 17, www.facebook.com/KebabPiramidaNidzica/
Pub Pomarańcza, ul. 1-ego Maja 1, tel. 502 712 145
Bar “Town Hall”, ul. XXX-lecia 1, tel. 89 625 47 66, www.facebook.com/pa…
Bar U Agi, ul. Miller 6, www.facebook.com/pa…
Oregano Bar, ul. Żeromskiego 10, tel. 533 419 694, www.facebook.com/pa…

EVENTS – Invasion of Fire and Music, Nidzica Days, Knight’s Tournament (always a week before the celebration of the staging of the Battle of Grunwald – www.rycerze.org),International Festivalof Fantasy ( www.festiwal.solarisnet.pl ), “zmROCK” Castle Rock Marathon (www.nok.nidzica.pl)

City Hall
pl. Wolności 1, tel. 89 625 25 04